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Primux 3000 X-RAY SOURCE

Primux 3000 from Anton Paar is a powerful sealed tube X-ray source that enables a highly brilliant line or point focus X-ray beam. By using the latest metal-ceramic X-ray tubes, Primux 3000 offers a robust design, maximum user safety and easy integration into XRDynamic 500 or any other modern X-ray machine.


XRDynamic 500 drives unbeatable XRD data quality with maximum efficiency. Enjoy the benefits of a versatile platform covering a wide variety of applications with optimal solutions for powder XRD, non-ambient XRD, PDF analysis, SAXS, and more.  Intuitive to use, with fully automated optics and alignment routines, it allows everyone, from novices to experts, to collect […]


Anton Paar’s rheometers are characterized by an ever-growing number of measurement options. This requires a navigation instrument that offers a complete overview: RheoCompass from Anton Paar is the world’s most innovative and modern rheometer software on the market. Intuitive operation simplifies application-oriented filtering for test templates, creating customized test definitions, easy data retrieval and data analysis, and […]


The Brabenderv ViscoQuick is a compact and reliable digital torque viscometer that is 25% faster than comparable devices. The integrated PC, touchscreen and temperature control system (Peltier) optimize space and costs. Heating and cooling rates of +20 °C/-15 °C per minute ensure short measuring times (e.g. starch gelatinization under 10 minutes). MetaBridge software allows access and data export […]

ViscoQC 100

Single-point measurements on 3.5″ color display Viscosity range from 1 mPa.s to 6,000,000 mPa.s 4 L spindles for measuring low-viscosity samples (e.g. solvents, oils and more)

Automatic kinematic viscometer: SVM 1001

Enjoy an automatic kinematic viscometer at a market-leading price Benefit from an intuitive interface and a compact design (battery option available) Choose your temperature between 15°C and 100°C Get results digitally in under five minutes with just 1.5ml of sample: no more stopwatches or manual calculations Use an unbreakable cell instead of 12 Ubbelohde viscometers


Perform viscosity measurements on all samples without changing a capillary For kinematic viscosity at any temperature between 15°C and 100°C Compliant with ASTM D396, D975, D3699, D6158, D6823, D7467 and other standards Obtain viscosity index and density according to ASTM D4052 Choose from a wide range of automated sample changers

SVM 3001 Cold Properties

Enjoy the gold standard with the widest temperature range on the market: -60°C to +135°C Use a single device for all samples: from kerosene to wax, without changing capillaries Cool the sample to -20 °C without external countercooling. Compliant with SAE J300, ASTM D396, D975, D7666, ISO 23581, EN 16896 and other standards Can be […]


Enjoy viscosity and density determination at two different temperatures with our unique double-cell design Measure at any two temperatures between 15 °C and 100 °C simultaneously Get fast viscosity index in line with ASTM D2270 from just 2.5 mL sample Get all parameters from one measurement Comply with SAE J300


Cost-effective modular rotational rheometer for routine tasks From single point to more complex rheological analyses, from liquids to semi-solids Control of shear rate and shear stress, yield point and thixotropy Hassle-free use with automatic spindle recognition (Toolmaster™)