Increase Your Reach, Not Your Costs: NEW Agilent Vaya Raman System

Identify your raw materials in seconds—with or without opening the container
Whether you test 100% of incoming raw material or only certain containers, the Agilent Vaya Raman raw material identification system offers the fastest, most flexible workflow.

Deploying both conventional handheld Raman and through-barrier SORS technology, Vaya reduces the need to open transparent and nontransparent containers—saving time, costs and limiting exposure to harmful substances. As regulations change and your test requirements increase, you can do more in less time with Vaya.

ID through opaque containers in seconds
No sampling booth needed, minimum material handling
Compatible with most raw materials and containers, including white or colored tubs, FIBCs, papers bags, and amber bottles
Easy to use and GMP compliant, with a dedicated raw material ID workflow

You don’t have to do your identity testing in the sampling booth

Whatever the size of your raw material challenge, Vaya can save you time and money.

Watch this video to see Vaya in action in a pharmaceutical warehouse.

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