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Confidently use hydrogen as your GC or GC/MS carrier gas

Conserve or convert your GC carrier gas Ongoing helium shortages can cause unpredictability for gas chromatographers. Find the best way for your laboratory to manage price fluctuations and potential delivery interruptions with helium carrier gas for GC analyses. First, consider whether you really need to use helium as your carrier gas. Regulated methods, SOPs, or […]

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Agilent Collaborates with METTLERTOLEDO to Reduce Errors in Sample Preparation Workflows for Better Chromatographic Results

Agilent Technologies Inc.  announced that it is collaborating with METTLER TOLEDO to address one of the biggest concerns in any laboratory—error-prone sample preparation. This integrated solution allows the automatic and seamless transfer of weighing results and the associated metadata from METTLER TOLEDO LabX™ Balance software to Agilent OpenLab software. Sample preparation is a critical part […]