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Agilent Collaborates with METTLERTOLEDO to Reduce Errors in Sample Preparation Workflows for Better Chromatographic Results

Agilent Technologies Inc.  announced that it is collaborating with METTLER TOLEDO to address one of the biggest concerns in any laboratory—error-prone sample preparation. This integrated solution allows the automatic and seamless transfer of weighing results and the associated metadata from METTLER TOLEDO LabX™ Balance software to Agilent OpenLab software. Sample preparation is a critical part […]

Fueling Precision Medicine Here’s how the next century of bio-innovation could look – from sequence to therapeutics… Darlene Solomon

The 20th century saw an explosion of technological advances that completely reshaped modern life. Transport shot from the earth’s surface to the skies, and then into space. Scattered telegraph lines reconfigured to form a global, multimedia internet. Glass-lensed microscopes gave way to a host of sophisticated analytical modalities that reveal the world around us in […]

The Digital Lab; Enhancing labs with digitalization

The topic of optimizing laboratory efficiencies is at the forefront of discussions for many lab managers. With the support of new and improved smarter technologies, previous efficiency- and productivity-related challenges are beginning to dissipate as manual processes are starting to be replaced with automated and integrated applications, helping to pave the way towards a fully […]

Happy Independence Day – Celebrating Nigeria at 60

Being together still, in the midst of the many elements that have attempted to tear us apart is in itself the miracle of God. And as we celebrate our 60th year as a nation, may the things that make for unity, peace and progress mark our every day. May God in His mercies bring us […]

Webinars: Preparing your lab for limited access or temporary shutdown

Webinar Series: Preparing your lab for limited access or temporary shutdown As the coronavirus continues its spread around the world, many labs have already been impacted or are changing their operations based on potential impacts. In certain instances, instrumentation may need to be properly powered down—a unique situation for labs that normally run continuously. In […]

Determining the Health Risks of Microplastics

The world produces about 400 million metric tons of plastic a year, and there’s now concern that microplastics – the small particles created by the degradation of plastic used in cosmetics, personal care products, children ‘s toys and household goods — are contaminating our waterways, soil, air, food and drinking water. While microplastics are defined […]