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Graphite: From Pencil to Energy Storage

Once just known as the main component of pencils, today it is an indispensable component in lithium-ion batteries: graphite. The surface area of the mineral plays a decisive role in optimizing battery performance. 3.5 million tons per year Graphite is the most stable form of carbon and is used, for example, in lubricants and pencils. […]

Great Instruments, Great Look

It’s all about consistency – and the cosmetics industry is no exception. This is why companies like Unilever or Intercos rely on the Anton Paar penetrometer PNR 12 for the determination of consistency. The consistency of cosmetic products is very important because products need to be applied easily, feel great on the skin and also last as […]

Market launch of TAG X00

With the new TAG X00 series, Anton Paar now offers two new flash point testers. “Compared to the Pensky-Martens method, TAG X00 is ideal for low flash point temperatures, for example for solvents, aviation fuels, chemicals and cosmetics. With the new TAG series, flash point measurements are possible in a temperature range from -30 °C to […]

Anton Paar Launches New Multiwave Series

Anton Paar has been using microwave digestion technology since 1989. Now the ASC product line is introducing the latest Multiwave series. “Compared to its predecessor, the single Multiwave 7000, we now offer a range of three devices,” explains Product Manager Astrid Knall. This value tiering – a graduation of the scope of delivery and therefore also […]