Research Category: Sample Prep

Quechers Enhanced Matrix Removal – Lipid

Agilent offers dispersive SPE kits that are specifically designed to remove lipids from high-fat samples, though they can be used with any sample type. The sorbent will pull interfering lipids from samples while leaving analytes behind. The final polishing step removes excess water and improves analyte partitioning. These kits contain 1 g of preweighted sorbent […]

Dispersive Kits

Agilent offers dispersive kits with sorbents and salts supplied in 2 mL or 15 mL centrifuge tubes accommodate the aliquot volumes specified by current AOAC and EN methodologies. Select the Dispersive SPE kit suited to the type of food being analyzed and the method you are following. In this step, an aliquot of the sample […]

Top Rna Cartridges

With TOP-RNA you can purify short and long RNA oligos, siRNA to 21-mer and long RNA to 60-80-mer. The high binding capacity purifies RNA oligos up to 1 μmol. The proprietary polymeric resin and validated protocol allow deprotection of 2’hydroxyl group without removal of the 5’trityl group.

Sle Cartridges And Plates

Chem Elut and Tox Elut are economical Supported Liquid Extraction choices, available in buffered and unbuffered configurations.  Agilent SLE products use a broad-performance inert diatomaceous earth sorbent for rapid, general sample preparation. Clean, inert diatomaceous earth sorbent material provides a surface for the aqueous sample, and an immiscible solvent is used to perform the extraction, […]

Bond Elut Plexa

Bond Elut Plexa offers simple, easy-to-use methods with general purpose extraction mechanisms to simplify SPE. In addition, Plexa provides performance enhancements due to a unique polymeric architecture with a non-retentive, hydroxylated, amide-free surface and a non-polar PS/DVB core for retaining small molecules. Binding of proteins and lipids on the polymer surface is minimized, resulting in […]

Captiva 96-Well Filter Plates

Filtration is simple, versatile, and necessary to prevent clogging of expensive HPLC columns. The Captiva 0.2 µm and 0.45 µm depth filter plates are ideal for preparing precipitated protein samples for LC/MS analysis. The Captiva 10 µm and 20 µm glass fiber filter plates are designed for clarifying highly particle-laden samples, such as freshly thawed […]

Premium Syringe Filters

Sample filtration prior to HPLC, UHPLC, LC/MS, GC, or GC/MS analysis is critical to achieving optimal system performance. Agilent Captiva Premium Syringe Filters make the process faster than ever with the industry’s highest flow rates and loading capacities. In addition, Agilent sets the standard for LC/MS testing and certifying more syringe filters to be completely […]