Research Category: Raman Spectroscopy

Agilent Vaya handheld Raman spectrometer

The Agilent Vaya handheld Raman spectrometer increases raw material identity verification throughput without increasing costs by reducing the need for sampling. From clear glass vials to brown paper sacks, Vaya offers best-in-class testing through transparent containers, and transformative handheld testing through nontransparent containers – for the fastest possible release to manufacturing. Vaya improves current testing […]

Resolve Handheld Through-Barrier Identification System

Providing a revolutionary new capability in hazardous material detection and incident response, the Resolve handheld Raman spectrometer enables rapid identification of explosives, narcotics, toxic industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents and other materials through sealed, opaque containers. The system identifies materials from comprehensive libraries, with Agilent’s unique handheld SORS technology enabling positive identification through a wide […]

TRS100 Quantitative Pharmaceutical Analysis System

The TRS100 enables fast, easy to use whole tablet or capsule content uniformity and polymorph screening for pharmaceutical finished product testing and formulation development. Easier to implement than other spectroscopic methods, Agilent’s transmission Raman spectroscopy (TRS) technology allows simple method-development and deployment for quantitative analysis in quality control applications. A TRS100 system can reduce content […]

RapID Raw Material ID Verification System

The RapID Raman system is the next generation in raw material testing for pharmaceutical GMP quality control. RapID is a portable Raman spectrometer that uses Agilent’s spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) technology to extend high-throughput spectroscopic analysis through clear packaging to nontransparent and colored containers. This unique capability makes RapID ideally suited to noninvasive raw […]

Agilent Cobalt Insight100 Series

Cobalt Insight100 and Insight100M systems are widely deployed at EU airports, providing exceptional detection with an ultra low false alarm rate for non-metallic containers. The Insight100M system screens all container types, including metals. The latest member of the Insight range is the Cobalt Insight200M system. Smaller and lighter than the Insight100 Series, the Insight200M system […]

Agilent Cobalt Insight200M

The Cobalt Insight200M is the latest airport security liquid explosive detection system (LEDS) from Agilent, screening all common container types with the lowest false alarm rate of any ECAC certified LEDS system. Insight200M is the latest addition to the Insight range. Smaller and lighter than the popular Insight100 series – and offering improved detectivity and […]