Research Category: Indentation Testing

Particle Sizing: Litesizer 500

Litesizer 500 determines particle size by means of dynamic light scattering and zeta potential via electrophoretic light scattering of particles dispersed in liquids. It also measures molecular mass and transmittance of the samples as well as the refractive index of solvents with intuitive software. Three measurement angles, including automatic angle selection, provide optimal measurement conditions for […]

Nanoindentation Tester: NHT3 

NHT3 applies low normal forces with depths in the nanometer range to measure hardness, elastic modulus, viscoelastic properties, and creep. It characterizes organic, inorganic, hard, and soft materials. Thanks to the “Quick Matrix” mode and the unique top surface referencing technique, NHT3 provides high throughput (600 measurements per hour), high precision, and stability.